This site was created with the aim of offering information, activities and educational opportunities, to promote interest in marine conservation, and the communication between people who share this same interest.

Conservation is one of the main objectives of Fundación Cethus, and all our work tries to offer a viable means of resolving the different problems facing cetaceans and their habitat.

Our passion for and interest in these fascinating inhabitants of the sea is based on the fact that both whales and dolphins combine two qualities which have attracted human beings to them since the beginning of Time: their great intelligence and outstanding beauty.

Fundación Cethus was founded in 1992 by a group of researchers and specialists in different fields with the aim of researching, spreading information about and conserving the dolphins and whales in Argentine waters.

...Maybe the question is why we chose cetaceans in particular...
They occupy the highest rung in the ocean’s food chain: that is to say, in their way, they are just like us...


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