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Sightings and strandings of cetaceans


In many regions of the world, sighting networks have been shaped where data of incidental sightings are collected, which are then sent to various institutions for subsequent collection and analysis. There are also rescue and stranding networks, however in this case, it requires more training of those who voluntarily wish to participate.

Although in Fundación Cethus we develop different research projects on several of the species sighted on the shores of our country, many times it is impossible for us to reach areas where the systematic study becomes difficult. Therefore we have developed a sightings form in which we tried to include those species frequently sighted in our waters.

By gathering information and data as those included in this form, and thanks to people who voluntarily want to collaborate with our work, it is often possible to obtain an inventory of species, and qualitatively, a measure of the presence or seasonal variation and even the relative abundance in one region, among much other information.

Fundación Cethus - Sightings form
Printing, completing and sending to us this form you will assist the work of Fundación Cethus. Thank you very much!

Sightings form FC (PDF)

In Argentina, when somebody detect whales or any other species of marine fauna on the coast (birds, turtles and other marine mammals) he/she must call the emergency telephone number of Prefectura Naval Argentina, an institution responsible for coordinating and notice to relevant authorities, and for coordinate the appropriate actions in each case. We recommend do not touch stranded and death cetaceans and keep safety distance avoiding mouth and fluke of living individuals.

Emergency telephone number: 106

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